The Truth

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A Sketch of Truth Theory

The Truth Theory refers to a natural attribute which all things embody during cosmic movement. And which features the inherent quality of the universe, that is, the attraction between Yin and Yun, the negative cosmic gas and the positive cosmic gas.

It is the natural and scientific reality of the universe. The appearance of this theory will completely shatter the barriers that have hindered human understanding of life and all things in the universe for thousands of years. It will put an end to the idealism-materialism dichotomous outlook on the world and completely terminate the theism-atheism dualistic religious concept that people have disputed for thousands of years.

It will enable humankind on Earth to see the universe in the true, clear-minded and correct manner for the first time.

It will enable humankind to explain mysterious cosmic phenomena with our acquired part of scientific knowledge about the universe in a deep and complete manner for the first time. It is also a brand-new theory promoting human exploration of the universe to a higher level and advancing further.

It will enable humankind to become aware of the cosmic law for the first time and it will make our cognition of the Way and ethics of the universe, which is home to humans, the Earth, the planets and all things, more comprehensive and profound.

It will allow humankind to deeply realize the meaning and value of life for the first time. It will reshape the Earth on which we live.

It will change the social structures, living styles and ideologies of all human beings, and promote human development on a more scientific and civilized track.

It will help humankind to achieve a substantial leap in morality and civilization. It will guide the development of our science and technology towards higher and farther goals. Thus, we usher in a great and unprecedented civil society that has never before existed in human history.


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  • 2022-03-09