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這不是一本為 MBA 申請者提供考進商學院祕訣的一般性天書!

本書的獨特賣點是首位常春藤 MBA 入學考官和畢業生,號召各方勢力,以真實和實用的經歷,剖析 MBA 入學的遊戲規則,並且透視 MBA 學生在風光背後的學習生活。

這是名副其實的「MBA 實戰錄」。它展現了三大元素──


包括作者在內,書中集合了25位具備不同國籍、職業背景和畢業年份的 MBA 現任學生、畢業生、教授、招生處管理人員和商學院院長,他們分別代表:Harvard、Yale、Cornell、Wharton、NYU Stern、Kellogg、Chicago Booth、UC Berkeley Haas、UCLA、London Business School、HEC Paris、IE Business School、NUS、HKUST 和 Richard Ivey 等院校。透過現身說法和序言,獨家分享他們在 MBA 路途上的心路歷程、心得和觀察。讀者可吸取擁有經驗豐富的成功人士的實戰智慧,找到適合自己的方法和方向。

市面上,已經有不少 GMAT 考試準備、100篇哈佛商學院入學論文、MBA Applications For Dummies 等等的書籍,琳琅滿目,任君選擇。它們的誕生是建基於一個假設──讀者已經決定加入 MBA 行列,需要一位平面老師傳授技巧。


因此,作者實行「軟硬兼施」、「剛柔並重」政策──硬性的申請攻略資訊和學校信息中,夾雜著軟性的集體回憶及成功者的智慧分享,務求透過多元化、鼓勵性的內容,賦予有志報讀 MBA 人士靈感和頓悟之餘,喚起非申請者及各階層讀者的興趣。

在議論紛紛、資訊發達(或是模糊?)的背景下,本書用實戰經歷去解構 MBA 的意義和價值。期望各人的經歷可以為讀者的未來帶來靈感和契機。

This is not some general gobbledygook for MBA applicants trying to be admitted to top business schools!

It is a veritable "MBA Success Stories". It contains THREE elements indispensable to a winning MBA application ─

Concrete: Case study subjects are not fictional characters, but the author's friends and acquaintances. Their experience is absolutely authentic.

Competitive: Case study subjects have gone through many rounds of screening on their own merits and been admitted successfully.

Pragmatic: The advices and suggestions shared are the fruits of the real-life experiences of the case studies subjects; thus, highly practical and executable.

Including the author, the book covers a collection of 25 different people, from current students, graduates, professors, admission officers to business school dean with

various nationalities, professional backgrounds and graduation years. They come from Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Wharton, NYU Stern, Kellogg, Chicago Booth, UC Berkeley Haas, UCLA, London Business School, HEC Paris, IE Business School, NUS, HKUST and Richard Ivey etc. Their mindset, experiences and observation, shared and documented EXCLUSIVELY in this book, will be presented through case studies and the preamble. Readers will absorb the real-world wisdom from the experienced and successful people and find their own ways and directions.

There are numerous books available on the market, such as GMAT Preparation Guide, 100 winning HBS admissions essays etc., dazzling and all your choices. Their birth is based on an assumption ─ readers have already decided to apply for MBA programs; what they need is merely a paper teacher to instruct them in the skills.

As the former Yale MBA admissions interviewer, however, the author found that many applicants simply don't know what they are doing. So the idea of this book is based on another assumption ─ readers may not be clear about their directions of the future, and some may not even understand the true meaning of these three words.

Therefore, the author implements "carrot-stick" and “rigid-flexible" policy ─

collective memories and wisdom shared by successful MBA graduates will be provided along with practical application strategies and school information. Through this diversification and encouraging content, not only people aspired to take MBA will be endowed with inspiration and enlightenment, but will also arouse interest of non-applicants and readers from various levels.

The author hopes that the insiders’ tips will bring readers of varying interests and backgrounds inspiration and opportunities in the future.


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  • 2014-04-10