How To Be The Best Version of Yourself

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From the accomplished psychological professional and expert of social etiquette, celebrated blogger and social influencer, counselor and mentor, author and essayist Virginia Leung: [An Original Work] of the most captivating, awe-inspiring writing.

Did you know that personality and attitude are the two deciding aspects of your fate?

Be crowned with a halo now as I share my top tips for improving your mentality, analytical skills, perspective, mindset, communication, Adversity Quotient, social etiquette- and putting them all into practice!


For the state of things to change for the better,
You must first change yourself for the better;
For the state of things to improve even more,
You must always be improving yourself even more!


Blind spots in our thinking, a lack of emotional intelligence or poor social skills- various problems, like these, admittedly drive away many opportunities. At times, one wonders whether these are foregone conclusions- or are they a result of inability and throwing in the towel way too early?

Emotions have an immense impact on our mood and performance, and our attitude and manner of dealing with things and people determine if opportunities come our way. Problems stem from our thoughts, and affect our behaviour. Outstanding social skills allow you to take to interpersonal relationships like a duck to water. This book will help you learn more about yourself- how to adjust your emotions and way of thinking, how to improve your communication skills, how to build the best social and romantic relationships, and how to enrich and cultivate your manner and inner substance. If you are determined to be a better- even the best- version of yourself, take a page from this book. If you can apply it well to daily life and make the most of it, you will surely be able to improve yourself!

Virginia Leung

Celebrated blogger, counselor, mentor and essayist
Expert in the fields of consulting psychology and social etiquette
Founder of Virginia’s Social Etiquette, EQ and Counseling Centre


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  • 2021-06-01